Human Resources

HR professionals are dedicated to building a great workforce--and a great work environment.

Develop the wide range of skills necessary to empower one of your most important assets: your people.

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Human Resource Fundamentals

• Administrative Human Resources (HR) for Beginners

• Green Jujitsu: Smart Employee Engagement for Sustainability

• HR Metrics That Matter

• Labor Relations for Human Resources

• Learn HR Fundamentals for a Career in Human Resources

• Strategic Planning Basics for Human Resources

• Successful HR in Business

Talent Management

• Attract Great Candidates By Creating A Stand Out Job


• Build A Culture of Freedom & Responsibility by Patty


• Building Your Team: How to put together the perfect team

• Change Management 101 for Human Resources

• Cold Email Recruiter Training: Write Powerful Cold Emails

• Conduct Behavioral Interviews & Be a Great Mentor

• Delivering Organisational Change

• How to Master Hiring: Pick the right candidate every time

• Identifying and Building Digital Leadership Talent

• Instant Skills: Learn Recruitment and Hiring in 70 Minutes

• Interview Questions: Interview Like a Professional HRM

• Interview Training for Hiring Managers and Teams

• INTERVIEW TRAINING: Ask Better Questions, Hire Better


• Introduction to Hiring and Recruiting Strategy

• Onboarding New Employees: Increase retention and


• Optimized Interview: For Hiring Managers & Recruiters

• Organizational Culture, Identity and Change

• Recruiter Secrets: How To Find Your Prospects Interests

• Recruiter Training - Hire Top Employees in 30 days

• Recruitment for startups: How to avoid common pitfalls

• Recruitment Interviewing Essentials: Interviewing Made


• Rock The Review: Get Promoted as VIP Talent

• The Complete Job Interviewing Skills Masterclass Course

• Understanding Performance Management as an HR


• Understanding Yourself and Others Through Myers-Briggs®

• World-Class HR: 21st Century Talent Management

Learning & Development

• Adobe Captivate - Focus on Demonstrations

• Adobe Captivate - Focus on Simulations

• Employee Training: Your Rapid Roadmap to Classroom


• Fast, Good & Cheap

• Flipped Learning for Businesses

• How to Add Practice Activities: Official Udemy Course

• How to Create your Course Outline: Official Udemy Course

• How to Design Effective Training Programs

• How to Edit Your Videos: Official Udemy Course

• How to Film your Videos: Official Udemy Course

• How to Improve Your Video Quality: Official Udemy Course

• How to Set your Course Goals: Official Udemy Course

• How To Train Your Team - Team Leadership Management


• Instructional Design Pro (Part 1): No Beginners Allowed!

• Instructional Design Pro (Part 2): No Beginners Allowed!

• Instructional Design Pro (Part 3): No Beginners Allowed!

• Introduction to Learning and Development (HR)

• Leadership | How to Make Best Learning Environment


• Let’s Create a Course in Articulate Storyline 3 / 360

• LX Design: Teach Anything in the Workplace!

• Mind Maps/ Mind Mapping for Teachers, Trainers, &


• Teach Anybody Anything: Reach Any Learner Anywhere

• The Complete Train the Trainer Bootcamp - Beginners-


• Train the Trainer Bootcamp Part 1: Mastery Certification

• Train the Trainer Bootcamp Part 2: Mastery Certification

• Train the Trainer Bootcamp Part 3: Mastery Certification

• Train the Trainer Foundation: Adult Education Mastery Course

• Train the Trainer Pro: No Beginners Allowed!


• A Diversity Deep-Dive, Lessons for Leaders and Managers!

• Acumen Presents: Jonathan Greenblatt on Fighting Hate &


• Biotechnology Business, Law, and Science

• Building an Effective Corporate Code of Conduct

• Complete Health and Safety Auditor Course. OHSAS 18001.

• Corporate Ethics

• CPR, AED and First Aid Certification Course

• Creating a working environment based on RESPECT

• Cyber Security: Beginner’s Training Guide to Online Safety!

• Cybersecurity for HR Professionals

• Employment Law Compliance Made Easy

• HIPAA Workforce Basics

• HR 101: Compliance Made Easy - U.S. Employers Must Have

• Intellectual Property: Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Creators

• Introduction to Corporate Information Security

• Introduction to Security Awareness Campaigns

• Leading Disciplinary Meetings and Investigations

• Learning Business Contracts for Beginners

• Manage Diversity

• Navigate & Respect Age, Ethnic & Racial Differences

• Navigate Diversity

• OSHA Safety Pro: Deadly Concrete Dust. Crystalline Silica.

• OSHA Safety Pro: Hearing Protection Program

• OSHA Safety Pro: MUTCD Work Zone Traffic Control

• OSHA Safety Pro: Personal Protective Equipment

• OSHA Safety Pro: Transport Safety. Part 396 of The FMCSA

• OSHA Safety Pro: Trenching Excavation & Soil Mechanics

• OSHA Workplace Safety (General Industry 6 Hr Class)

• Preventing and Surviving an Active Shooter Incident

• Proper Segregation of Duties for Internal Control

• Psychology of Diversity and Unconscious Bias

• Respect Gender & Sexual Differences & Assert Yourself

• Security Awareness Training

• Security Awareness Training, Internet Security for Employees

• Supervisor Leadership Skills for a Safe Workplace

• The Legal Implications of Social Media in the Workplace

• Top Five Wage and Hour Traps for Business

• Trademark Law for Entrepreneurs

• Transgender awareness for work and life: Rachel’s story

• Understanding and Complying with HIPAA

• Understanding and tackling Gender Bias in the workplace

• Understanding HIPAA for the Medical Office

• Understanding Unconscious Bias

• Understanding Unconscious Bias

• Understanding Worker Classification Crash Course

• Your Guide to the Pharmaceutical Industry